My name is Kim Diaz

Specializing in Commercial Product Brand And Advertising Photography In Metro Manila, Philippines, and beyond.

I like my shots to be very striking—colorful, sharp, and high contrast. I want them to capture my audience’s senses and imagination instantly; but at the same time, I also want to keep them minimalist without compromising the mood and the story my subject wants to tell.

The best thing about being a photographer for me is that I am always doing myself a favor even when I’m working because I’m able to enjoy and do art for a living. I am out there, capturing the world with my camera. I also get to meet different kinds of people and know their stories through my photographs.

My basic and most important principle as a professional photographer is to always exceed your client’s expectations. This not only applies to your shots but to your working relationship as well. I make sure to never miss a deadline and go above and beyond in helping the client achieve his goals in every shoot.